Our real addictions are legal……why don’t we see this?

With more and more hype on getting marijuana legalized in more states, I have been following the negativity that has come along with it.  Being a full time student I decided to do one of my research papers on the subject of hemp and all the positives that our country is really over looking not using this plant to its potential.  Hemp I might add is different that marijuana because its properties holds a lot less THC.  THC is the part of the plant that is mostly used by people who like to get “high” and is used for medicinal uses.

As I was doing all the research what kept making me so angry was all the people who kept saying that marijuana was so addicting and so bad for you.  Wake up people.  The two most addicting substances that are used are LEGAL and used everyday by the majority of the population.  The first being alcohol and the second being nicotine.  Why on earth are we so worried about marijuana being addicting?  It doesn’t have any addictive properties to it.  If you really do your research on it you will see that.  It is the person who uses it that will create the addictive effect not the drug itself.  I am disgusted with out government selling the people a crock of bull about how bad this drug is, when it sells the other drugs freely, taxing it like crazy and making millions of dollars.  We have more alcoholics than we know what to do with.  Nicotine is more addicting than some of the hard core drugs on the street.  I know that first hand because I am a smoker and have tried to quite multiple times.

I think this is just another way of not looking at things for what they really are.  Can you imagine having a dinner party without alcohol?  No way would the White House not have alcohol there.  I would love to find out how many people have addiction problems to these two things instead of looking at a drug that can help sick people and concur so many environmental problems.  In my opinion it is completely twisted!


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