Online school and the disappearance of College Papers!

The older you get the more you realize that you have to advocate for yourself.  Turning fifty this summer, I decided to go back to school online to get my degree.  I thought that by the time my youngest daughter graduated I would have a good foundation of education for me to fall back on to get a decent job.  I have been a stay home mom for most of my life and going back into the work force was going to be a huge challenge.

I really didn’t do enough research pertaining to online schools.  I liked Florida and just chose one that was in that state.  After applying everything moved really quickly.  I was contacted by an adviser right away yet what was annoying was that the school kept contacting me like I was never enrolled.  It didn’t seem like they had their act together.  Right away they chose my classes and boom I was a student.  Getting my financial aid in order was a nightmare!  Getting transcripts sent over was just one pain after another.  No one at the college was doing their job.  So there I was trying to get acclimated to going to school, taking care of my children, home, and getting my financial aid in tact all at the same time. Right at the last minute, the school found out that one of the classes I was signed up to take , I had already gotten credit for so my new adviser stuck me in Biology.  I had never taken biology in high school so this was going to be a double challenge for me.  I had taken Anatomy and Physiology in college and got an A so I was hoping that I would be okay.

As I started my classes right away I could feel that my biology teacher wasn’t going to be easy to work with.  Her syllabus was very confusing and she seemed disconnected in someway.   Throughout the semester I did really well with my Social Problems course and my e-learning course but my Biology course was a disaster.  As I did assignments for her, one of them all of a sudden disappeared.  What?  I could not understand where is could have possibly have gone.  We had to put all our work into a particular plagiarism program where is was dated specifically for this class so I knew I had done the work.  I resubmitted it and was given partial credit.  Thank God, “I thought”.  A few weeks went on and then it happened again.  I worked so hard on this paper.  It was actually a DNA lab and I absolutely knew that it was handed in on time.  I waited and waited to see what my grade was going to be and a week and a half later I received a zero with her comment stating that it wasn’t submitted.  I was so upset.  Not again, I wasn’t going to accept this happening again.  I talked to my adviser and she had the adviser of online learning write me an email.  He told me to do three things.  1) talk to my professor. 2) speak to my adviser. 3) check with technical support and make sure nothing was wrong with my program.

I was shocked.  Talk to my professor?  She didn’t care and was the one who said I didn’t hand it in.  Well that was the end of that.  All I could do is accept another paper disappearing and move on with the class.  I was struggling to pass as it was.  There was so much material to retain in such a short amount of time.  The way I was being taught just wasn’t effective.  I was stressed out and my family was feeling it.

In the mean time, my financial aid finally had gone threw in week 7.  I was sickened by how long it had taken.  This school was not what I had expected at all.  The way they went about how much it costed me and how much financial aid I was getting back was ridiculous.

I had a huge final in biology which was a major part of my grade and if I could pass that It was possible that I could pass the class.  I studied long and hard and was really nervous.  Many time I just felt like quitting but I still did the assignments that were due and took the test.  The class received an email from the professor stating that there was going to be a 6 point curve to the final grade.  That gave me a really good idea of how everyone else was doing in the class.  When I looked to see what my grade was on my last papers were the one wasn’t good.  I wasn’t surprised.  Then I took the final and failed.  I felt like a failure and defeated.  To top it off, my adviser decides to tell me that if you fail a class at this college you have to pay it back out of pocket.  Of course, no one told me this before.  I still hadn’t gotten my grade for the last paper I sent the professor sent us an email with the projected final grades for the class.  They were 5- F’s 2-D’s 3-C’s 2-B’s 2-A’s.  I only hoped and prayed that I was one of the ones that had gotten a D.  Not in my entire life had I received a D but at this point I will take it and move on.

Two days later finding out that my final grade was in fact a D, I also found out that I received another zero on my last paper.  I was livid this time!  Regardless that it had no bearing on my final grade, the point was is that this teacher was erasing my papers and saying I didn’t submit them.  I had checked so many times to make sure it was there and to see if other students had commented on it besides.  I talked to my adviser, who talked to customer service, who spoke to someone even higher up and they all said that the paper wasn’t there according to the professor.  WOW, so you do the work online and a professor can just erase your work!  Scary isn’t it?  This is totally unethical and unprofessional.  So what happens next semester to other students?  Did this happen to others not just me?  I looked her up at rate your professor and Professor Michelle Alvarez has a horrible rating.  She isn’t a good teacher nor is her major biology.  It’s philosophy.

If you are going to school online, please beware of teachers like this one! take pictures of your work!  It is the only way you can prove you did it.  I did take pictures of my work and then stopped.  I should have done it to all my work because as soon as I stopped is when they disappeared again.  Don’t trust anyone!  It is sad but true.  Good luck to your online en devour.


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