same sex gifts don’t have to be hard to find

Here in the 20th century you would think that there would be more store out there that would carry gifts for people that love others of the same sex and yet I have been finding out differently.  Even though I am not gay, I do know may people who are, and it seems as though even as the world keeps changing in many directions, the one thing it hasn’t is gift giving.

This is why owning my own business is nice because I can carry any line of products I want and I found two different companies that cater to this very thing.  One of them is called Love & Pride.  I have to tell you it carries the cutest items I have ever seen.  For one example it has matching pillow cases that say “his and his” or hers and hers”.  How adorable is that?  They have mugs with decorative ties or mustaches on them and beautiful engagement jewelry.   Of course these are just to name a few of the hundreds of other items the company offers.

I definitely recommend that if you are in the early stages of Christmas shopping or just want to surprise someone special with something nice, you should check this company out.  If you can’t find it on the web, look it up on my website at


take care to you all,



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