What is up with the school lunches – YUK!

My children and I recently had to move to a new county to be able to find living arrangements that we could live with.  Section 8 housing does not have too many options out there for three bedroom apartments so we went where we had to go.

Since then my children enter into a new school district as well and I must say that the school lunches that are being served to these children are outrageously appalling let alone a waste of food.  We as parents want to know that our children are eating well during the day so that they can perform to their highest potential.  That is a no brain-er, but as I was glancing at the lunch menu for the month, I understood why my children were coming home famished.  The government has made such ridiculous menu selections that we as parents wouldn’t be caught eating let alone our children.  When I was young, we had many different options and it was a wonderful choice whether to eat a regular lunch that would consist of white breads and potatoes.  The vegetable selections weren’t horrible either barring that they were a salad or green beans, but now the kids have to have LIMA beans or sweet potato fries.  WHAT?  They can’t choose to buy an ice cream or a bag of chips for fear that they will become fat.  They aren’t even allow to have bake food sales in schools anymore thanks to President Obama’s wife who feels that kids are over weight.  Well if we really looked back at how we were doing twenty years ago, things were just fine.  We ate good, we played outside, and we did our school work in school.  Now we don’t have enough time in a school day to play outside and have a decent amount of time for recess let alone eat a good lunch that looks and tastes appetizing to our youngsters pallet.  The school system has indoctrinated our children into believing that if they eat food that taste good they will become over weight yet they give them twenty minutes of recess time in school, which is enough time to get all the clothing on they need and then they are outside for ten minutes.  WOW!

Let me give you an example of some of the things that have been offered to my children for lunch and then you tell me if you would want to eat this.  This doesn’t even take into account that the lunch staff yells at the kids to finish their lunch.  Most of them don’t, which I have been told first hand by people who work in the cafeteria.  More food is thrown away than ingested so what can we do as parents to change this?

Fish Sticks with steamed baby carrots or how about toasted cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.  Now, when they say toasted cheese they literally mean toasted like when you take two pieces of bread and put a cheese in the middle and stuffing it into a toaster.  So now you are thinking oh these aren’t so bad right?  How about sloppy joe with lima beans and dices peaches.  Would diced peaches fill you for the remainder of the day.  I doubt it.  Spanish rice (brown rice) with beans and fresh banana.  Humm I wonder if Mrs. Obama and her children eat these things every day.  I would be curious to find out.

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