Every Girl Should Be Treated Like a Princess: Help Prevent Bullying by Following These Tips

Every Girl Should Be Treated Like a Princess: Help Prevent Bullying by Following These Tips

When you go online or watch television, you are bound to stumble upon ads which speak out against bullying. If you’ve never experienced it as a child and you have your own kids now, it is a must for you to be aware of exactly what this destructive behavior is. You would not want your child to be bullied at school, so you need to recognize the early signs of bullying and prevent the situation from worsening.

Basically, bullying involves one child acting aggressively over another to mimic superiority. Even the most beautiful girl in kindergarten class can be bullied so there really are no exceptions when it comes to who may be bullied or not. It also does not need to be physical shoving or pushing – bullying can take the form of verbal abuse, emotional torment, even your kid being a social pariah in school. Cyberbullying is yet another form, although it is quite easier to contain as long as you set parental controls on the computer that your child is having access to.

Tips to Prevent Bullying

No parent would want their kid to go through the ordeal of being bullied. So what exactly can you do about it? Take a look at the following tips:

• Treat your child like a princess!
This may sound like a given, but treating your child like a princess is definitely one way to boost her self-confidence. Once your child knows that she deserves to be treated as such, she will not cower and let other kids make her life in school miserable. Of course, a girl fighting back from a bully may not always be the case – but having a child who is confident enough about how others should be treated will go a long way towards preventing a bullying situation from worsening.

• Regularly communicate with your child.
No matter how much love you have for your child, it will be all for naught if you do not regularly communicate. Have daily talks with your kid about how school went so that you can monitor what’s happening with your son or daughter at school. It will also be easier for you to notice any changes in behavior or attitude, which could clue you in on a bullying situation.

• If you suspect that your child is being bullied, have a talk with the school teacher.
There are early signs of bullying that you should watch out for including your kid faring poorly in academics, hating the thought of going to school, making excuses not to go to class, etc. If you recognize these early symptoms, have a talk with your child so that you can determine if anything’s wrong. If you are not satisfied with her answers, have a talk with the school teacher so that you would know what is happening to her in school.

• Learn about the anti-bullying programs which are available in your area, or online.
While you’re having a talk with the school teacher, ask about the tolerance policy of the school or the program that they have about bullying. There are also available programs online like the “Every Girl is a Princess” t-shirt campaign which helps foster friendships, prevent bullying and boost the self-confidence of young girls. Taking an active part in such causes will prevent your own child from going through the horrors of bullying. At the same time, your kid can gain new friends and have a newfound confidence once she knows that other girls – and she herself – should be treated like a princess.


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