It Is Not Easy Being a Teenager

It Is Not Easy Being a Teenager

Transition from childhood to teen age brings a lot of changes. All children have to undergo and face its perils. During this phase, they recognize that something internally was different and wade through tides of difficulties. The following are the situations that can only be understood by their parents.

Pack of Emotions: At times it could be a little disturbing to parents because at that stage of their life they often seem inconsistent. This stage is fraught with such drastic emotional exaggeration that at one moment the same child who was vibrantly enthusiastic became mute the next minute. Constant mood swings, self- consciousness, bouts of anger and a craving for privacy are a few symptoms. This transition is very critical. It is besought with unpredictability so much so that it becomes a constant task for parents to watch the child carefully to help him cope with this constant change.

Bags of Physical Changes: There is nothing for being anxious. This is the stage of complex interplay between genetics and environment. These occurrences are the effect of the former, which show in physical changes in both the sexes. In this stage, the secondary sexual characters such as increase in size of extremities and body shape in addition to pubic and underarm hair in both the sexes begin to show. In boys, it is the time for testicular development and onset of menarche and breast development in girls.The effect of the environment generally supersedes when that child is easily waylaid by the forces and values of the society. He starts to question his own identity. When a young teen experiences these dramatic physical and emotional upheavals he gets worried. He isolates himself and feels the burden of loneliness. Unfortunately, the answers would not be with him. Here the role of parents starts.

Pressure Sacks At Home: They manage the changes in their body and complex family dynamics of small family system. In some unfortunate cases they also pass through an unfortunate emotional trauma of a broken family. Pressures further build up when they are unable to adjust with peers and find hard to digest the odd behavior of teachers. The worst could also be child abuse, physical, sexual, and emotional neglect. All these prove fatal and beyond alarming in the overall health and well-being of any child.

Health Issues: Be it young or old. Remaining healthy at any stage of life is vital to every human being. Our children are our future. Besides taking care of the aforesaid avenues of their life, addressing to their health issues is also our duty especially under the current scenario of global impact. Bad health is not only a social issue it also has direct impact on their productivity and economic growth. Hence, we as parents must meet this challenge to help them. A small number of children have the strength to triumph these circumstances. They pack their bags and move out to stay in some other place. But, the problems do not end here. They merely close one door by changing their environment without being aware that it does not always bring positive results. The doors that open for them when they are away have a huge bag of other unexpected emotional upheavals.

Mistaken Identity: This is the age when they are open to all kinds of experimentation. They are getting familiar with their changing body with a new set of physical and mental demands. It could be about starting an acquaintance, a close friendship with other gender, or in extreme cases it could also be to explore a physical relationship and could also be a new social set up where they may develop fear of rejection. An unwelcoming deviation in these situations could prove worse. The worst outcome to ease tension and anxiety brings them in contact with illicit drug use and the complexities aggravate further.

Wrong Choices:The modernization speeds up their already gnawing problems.At this stage of their life when they must eat a variety of foods like cereals, lean meat and its substitutes, vegetables, fruit and dairy they end up eating one type of food “most days.” This food is primarily the junk food with a lot of cheese and rich sauce. It is where they stand misguided as their diet falls short of healthy eating. This food intake pattern increasingly leaves them vulnerable to obesity and other health-related problems. An estimated ninety percent of the urban teens consume foods that are dense snacks and aerated drinks. On the contrary their rural counterparts eat more of vegetables and cereals.They build their lifestyle on a faulty line. Already away from home makes them a lead a headless life. There is no one to take care for their needs and no one to guide when they falter. There are no disciplined meal timings. They neglect the upkeep of their body and eventually suffer from untold stresses, like sleep deprivation.To support their pseudo-social status they have excessive indulgence in compulsive shopping and bad choices which will jeopardize their equilibrium making them accountable for their general ill-health.

Late Nights:Another unquestioningly accepted life-style is their late night habits. They become night owls. Due to ever-growing competitions in general and specific, their list of aspirations soar. Inadequate sleep and insufficient rest leads to general unpleasantness. They need being aware that dreaming or aspiring is not bad, but to redefine the limits of success, they must include intangibles like peace and rest. Rush of life makes them forget their balanced existence with good health. They propagate the overriding importance of tangible in their life which disconnects them with the self.

Wrong Food of Entertainment: Another deterrent is media that feeds them a diet of violence. They unfortunately translate the information in harmful ways. This furthers the flow of wrong choices. Even though improved access to contraception and sex education has reduced the incidents of teenage pregnancy, but alienation from their family and want of trusted friends often leave them vulnerable. They are open to unhealthy practice because of lesser information on sexual issues, and frank and honest guidance.

Parental Care: With multiple pressures on their heads they cannot lead a happy life without parents’ intervention at the right time.Parents should look deep into their problems and see to it that they are regularly counseled and taken care of. They must help them drop things that enslave them, and encourage them to write off the company that affected the negativity in them. Peaceful life will then touch their core and make their future incredibly beautiful. Studies suggest that confident young people who feel supported by their families and friends are better able to successfully negotiate any potential pitfalls.

Despite good parenting, their potential difficulties will still exist. Their ideas would still change constantly. They will still take a negative body image and dislike their appearance. They will still intermittently indulge in crash dieting and their fascination to steroid use and their miseries would still have an endless list, but a periodic empathy and patient listening to their travails will ease their life. Having tried at personal and family remedial measures, if there is still a need to counsel them, the only surefire road to health map would be to consult a doctor. We should encourage them to involve professional help in decisions about their personal health.

If they include a good life-style and journey with refreshing visual treat in the form of good films, television, and art forms, in no time they will develop into healthy children.Friends in the form of feel good form will further enhance their outlook and family bonds will strengthen.The icing on cake would come if they get virus-free computers, corruption-free governance and tax-free income. With everything in place we expect their prosperity not only in health but also in other arenas of their life.

The best remedial measures are always available at home under the umbrella of parental care at every stage of our life, but situations differ from child to child as each comes from a different environment.


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