Fear of Throwing Up – Emetophobia

Fear of Throwing Up – Emetophobia

If you have a fear of throwing up, then you are probably looking for an emetophobia cure. While this is a condition that sounds strange to many people, it is in fact one of the most common phobias worldwide. This article will help you to understand this condition better and help you to find ways to better deal with it or even cure it.

Oftentimes, emetophobes (people who suffer from emetophobia) also have other kinds of fears or certain behavior disorders like being obsessive-compulsive. They might even avoid going out to a restaurant, because they are afraid of the germs in the public restroom. Since germs and bacteria can be a cause of nausea, they avoid them at all costs. Now, when you never accept an invitation from friends or family members to go out and eat something together, or visit a night club, then this will usually have a negative impact on your social life. And indeed, many emetophobes and up socially isolated, having to cope with loneliness.

Another common side-effect is that they often become obsessively picky about the foods that they eat, and avoid certain kinds of foods altogether. Women sometimes avoid getting pregnant, even though they actually wish to have a child. But they are so afraid of having to vomit during their pregnancy, that they simply prevent getting pregnant.

Psychologists use what is referred to as exposure therapy – basically, they show emetophobes videos of people vomiting, and use certain techniques to help them to better cope with their emotional response. Hypnosis is another popular emetophobia treatment that seems to be the most effective so far.

To overcome this is an extremely difficult thing to do. On my website there is more information regarding a site that you can go to and even chat with others about it.


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  1. I Have Fear Of Throwing Up Since I Puked On The Bathroom Floor In My Group Home
    And I Felt Sick To The Stomach All The Time And It Makes Me Uncomfortable When I
    Throw Up And Put My Finger Into My Throat And It Sometimes Hurts A Lot! OH, Man
    I Am Not Controlling My Acid From Coming Up Today!

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