Cutting Yourself is an Addiction

Cutting Yourself is an Addiction

The reason that you cut yourself is to cope with a stress or dissatisfaction that you are facing. When you are faced with problems that seem to have no solutions it will increase your stress level. As you grow more stressful you will naturally seek a way to stop what is causing the stress.

When there seems to be no answer to what is causing you stress you can end up seeking to hurt yourself as an answer to the problem. It is because you have no control over the situation that is causing the stress. The cutting becomes something that you can control and it can temporarily make you feel that you have done something to stop the stress. The problem is that you have entered into a horrible cycle of cutting to relieve stress. Cutting yourself actually never relieves any problems it only seems that way. It is a reaction that you use to try gain some control over a difficult situation.

Cutting yourself is addictive because you learn to use this method to solve problems and it does seem like it works. The temporary relief is similar to a drug in that once you start it becomes harder to quit. Cutting self harm is rooted in a lie that you are relieving a stress. You are actually causing a physical stress to your body and developing a mental addiction to self harm. You can be healed from self harm and you can break the cycle of cutting. Science is revealing that the technique of going inside to the root of the pain and emptiness can help you stop cutting. This is not with a therapist but alone. This new way is helping you regain the power and control that has been taken from you.

There is a new technique that has been helping many people in an amazing way. It is a new approach from a filmmaker that has been having great success with suicidal people who are cutting themselves and with depressed thoughts, it involves no doctors or therapy, and actually the cutter heals alone. It is an inside-out treatment that has been helping teens and adults.


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