Social Anxiety Disorder – Do You Have It?

Social Anxiety Disorder – Do You Have It?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are surrounded by people and wished that the ground would swallow you or that you would evaporate into thin air instead? Perhaps if you did something embarrassing or shameful this would be a normal reaction. But there are people who feel this way every time they are in a social situation. People who generally feel this way suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. Are you one of them?

Are you often worried that you or your loved ones might be in accidents or some unfortunate event? Do you often think or even visualize that bad things might happen even in your simple daily activities? People with Social Anxiety Disorder regularly feel uncomfortable and anxious when faced with different situations. Fear is their most dominant emotion as they tend to over-analyze things and thus, limit their activities and confine themselves where they feel safe and secure.

Are you uneasy, uncomfortable or even afraid of engaging in social activities or doing things with other people? The fear caused by Social Anxiety Disorder prevents a person from dealing with other people because they usually think they might do something wrong, or that the other person might do something bad to them, or simply because they feel inadequate to deal with the situation.

Do you find it extremely difficult to deal with new situations, new people or anything new and unfamiliar to you? People who suffer from social anxiety generally avoid anything that is new or unfamiliar to them. They usually refuse new people to come into their lives. They prefer to stay where they feel most safe and secure and be with people they are comfortable and familiar with all their life. In extreme cases, they would even refuse to go to work or school, or leave the comforts of their homes because of the fear of meeting new people.

This paralyzing fear caused by Social Anxiety Disorder can also be self-destructing because the person will not be able to maximize their potential, develop their skills or talents, or even gain friends. Seeking professional help might be the only way to bring out the issue and heal the disorder. However, even the act of going to the doctor for help can be nerve-wracking already.

If you think that you are suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder, you must gather your courage to seek help from an expert. Hypnotherapists, Psychologists and NLP Practitioners are equipped to cure anxiety disorders and can be instrumental in helping you feel better as you take the step towards enjoying your life and improving your relationships.

Persons suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder can be cured even in just a 3-hour session through re-training the brain to process external factors in different ways. However, they might not have the strength to take that step and help themselves. So if you know anyone with this disorder, please help them, who knows, you might be helping yourself as well.


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