Surrendering Negative Attitudes into Gratitude

Surrender Negative Attitudes Into Ones of Gratitude

What creates, or is creating, a negative attitude in your life?

Perhaps you are worried, concerned, or frustrated about your financial situation, your child, your relationship, your health or someone else’s.

Maybe you are doubtful about your present or future circumstances, or angry or upset with someone or about something.

No matter what or whom is stirring up these unwanted and often uncomfortable feelings, you can release them by surrendering to them and shifting your negative attitude back into a space of gratitude.

Often when people hear the word “surrender” they think it refers to giving up or giving in, and in a sense you are, but not in the way you think.

What you are doing is giving up the need to hold onto the false beliefs and unhelpful ways of thinking that are temporarily blocking the positive outlooks and outcomes.

When you yield to what’s happening instead of fighting against it, or being emotionally and/or physically debilitated by it, you are really saying, “Show me the way because right now I can’t see it”.

When you surrender, sometimes the ease and answers are immediate; other times it can be a bit of a wait and calls for patience and faith.

Trusting and trying to remain positive when you don’t know what’s happening or how things will turn out can be sometimes be scary.

That’s why when you surrender to “what is”, the non-constructive thoughts, and perhaps undesirable circumstances, open to a space of genuine gratitude within you.

You may already be thankful in your life but there is nothing like a little emotional or physical upheaval to really open your eyes and heart to all the goodness still surrounding you in this very moment.

As difficult as it may be to see what there still is to be thankful for, they’re there.

Maybe it’s your family and friends, or your pet(s), or the money you do have, or the quiet moments, or the sun shining, or the gentle rain.

Perhaps you received a phone call offering you support or an unexpected gift, or an opportunity presents itself that wasn’t there before but now is.

When you give in, or give up, it doesn’t mean on hope. You are releasing that which you don’t know, accept or understand, and allowing yourself to be in gratitude just the same.

You are letting go of the “what ifs” and surrendering to “what is” – what is present and pleasant right now.

Make a list of all the “what ifs” you are questioning in your life.

For example, what if I lose my job or spouse, what if I, or someone else, doesn’t get better, what if I can’t pay the bills, what if I get in an accident, what if I lose control, etc.

Then write down whatever thoughts come to mind after you state “what if”…

Allow whatever negative thoughts and feelings to surface and then surrender to “what is”.

Ask yourself, even in the worst case scenario, what can I be grateful for in this very moment.

At first you may find yourself stating the word, “nothing”.

Continue to ask until something surfaces; it will. Don’t force an answer. Rather allow it to unfold before and/or within you.

If you continue to do this this exercise you will find yourself sooner, than later, looking toward the positive and possibilities, rather than the negatives.

Whether you or someone you know is in emotional and/or physical pain, let go. When you do, you are allowing God (whatever you understand this to be) to soften what is, or what is becoming hardened or negative within you and reunite you through gratitude.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow”. Melody Beattie

The Insight Technique assists you in surrendering to “what is” and seeing and being grateful for where and what is in your life right now.


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