I am one of the many who have had to deal with a phobia.  I was deathly afraid of throwing up.  Why?  I have no idea except for possibly associating it with a lack of control in my life.  The blog that I recently posted about phobias contains many exceptional ways to deal with phobias, but in my own case, I believe that exposing myself to vomit would not have been the way to go.  I realize that there are others out there that wouldn’t agree with me.  Behavioral therapy I would agree with and the other is some type of medication that helps you to stop obsessing about the same thing day after day after day.  When I finally was so broken that I agreed to taking an anti-depressant (even though I feared that too would make me sick) I saw a whole new world before my eyes.

I do not believe that this way of dealing with fears and phobias is for everyone but I do know that it worked for me as well as many others.  The other steps I took to over coming my fear was to learn as much about it as possible.  Finding out what foods are easily digested and what foods take longer is a very important step due to not being about to decipher between hunger pains and being physically ill.  People that suffer from this type of thinking after a while don’t know how to tell the difference.  They are so in tuned to every ache and pain that goes on with their bodies because of FEAR .

For the people out there that read this blog and have a fear like this, I encourage you to seek medical attention to make sure that you are not becoming iron deficient, calcium deficient, or lacking in vitamin C,  in which all three of these are vital to you health.

The foods that are the easiest to digest are as follows:

Drinks (fluids of any kind)


carbohydrates (breads, crackers, and potatoes) which are usually what are called the “safe” foods

salads (fruits and vegetables)

dairy is considered a transitional food/ easy to digest if the body is used to it

The harder foods to digest would be:

fiber, Proteins, and fats (and some high fiber vegetables)

I encourage you to use this list as a reference when fearing the foods that you are eating.  It helps to differentiate the sounds in your belly.

I hope that this helps in the fight against emetophbia – or the fear of throwing up.




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