Do You Know The Signs Of Bullying?

Do You Know The Signs Of Bullying?

As we approach a new school year, it is sad that we once again have to talk about the vicious act of bullying in schools. Keep this list handy and talk to your child through out the school year if he or she has any of these signs or issues during the school year. Together we can stop bullying. Pay close attention to this list, most children do not tell a parent or teacher that they are being bullied. The kids doing the bullying usually warn the other kids not to tell.

Signs That Your Child is Being Bullied

Unexplained injuries
Sudden onset of illness in the mornings or a serious lack of enthusiasm for school
Personal belongings either lost or destroyed
Grades slipping
Bedtime issues
Low self esteem

Signs That Your Child May Be a Bully

Quick temper
Constant physical or verbal altercations
Unexplained appearances of belongings that do not belong to them
Does not take responsibility for their own actions
Always in trouble at school

Why Do Kids Bully

Kids who bully also have low self esteem issues. It is important to remember that the one doing the bullying is the one with the problem, not the kid who is being bullied. Typically, someone else, probably an adult, is bullying the kid who is doing the bullying. Or, they have very permissive parents who do not take responsibility for their child’s actions or blames other children for their child’s actions.

Why Kids Don’t Tell

There are many reasons why kids don’t tell an adult when they are being bullied. A very good reason that many do not consider is because the child that is being bullied already feels helpless and as if no one cares. In which case they may feel that no one will help anyway and they are doomed to live the rest of their school career being bullied. They may see no way out except for taking extreme actions such as suicide or murder.

What You Can Do

Whether you, the one reading this, are a child or an adult, you have the power to stop bullying when you see it happening. Go tell someone. Befriend the child that is bullying. These kids need many friends; because nothing is worse than thinking you don’t have anyone in your corner. If you can get more people to befriend the child who is doing the bullying, it will stop. Bullying usually happens when they are all alone or when the bully has someone cheering him on.

What You Can Do If You’re Being Bullied

Tell somebody. If they don’t listen, tell somebody else. Keep telling people until it is stopped. There is no shame in getting it stopped. The shame lies in the continuing of such an awful act of hate towards a single person. The shame lies when kids try to end it in a way that causes harm to themselves or by taking out the offenders.


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