How You Can Start Breaking Habits

How You Can Start Breaking Habits

Habits are not inborn abilities or personality traits, but they have such a strong influence that they become rooted in our personality and slowly become the definition of our lives with time. Habits are anything and everything we do, from the way we talk to the way we act and the way we plan. Breaking habits that are unproductive or harmful for us is important but is difficult, because it requires constant effort and determination. However, once you make a firm decision and stand by it, nothing is impossible! Therefore, the first thing that you have to believe is to BELIEVE in YOURSELF! Instead of saying you can do it, say you WILL do it!

Breaking habits requires motivation from within and you have to put in effort everyday in order to stand by your decision. It often happens that you start giving up on a habit but end up picking it again because you feel you are not strong enough to stand by your decision.

However, that is not true. Weakness of your character is not a factor that is out of your control. Making or breaking habits is a decision that you can take or break at any time. Therefore, instead of regarding it impossible to give up on a bad habit, trust your instinct and gut feeling and make your decision COME TRUE. All that you require is a “will-do” attitude and the thirst to improve!

There are several things that can help you in keeping your bad habits at bay. Replacing your old habits with new and fruitful ones is the best thing that you can do. This will not only keep you occupied, but also will promote healthier and beneficial activities in your daily life.

Support and motivation from external factors can also prove to be a major help when you are breaking habits. You can talk to a person close to you or also read and listen to motivational talks and speeches about those people who have successfully given up their unhealthy habits to bring about a positive change in their lifestyle and achieve success!

Last but not the least, your personal motivation and attitude will go a long way in creating a difference for yourself. Congratulate yourself for each day that you spend in a fruitful and beneficial manner. Regularly remind yourself of the positive advantages that you are reaping due to this welcome change in your lifestyle. With time, you will be diverted from the bad habits and develop a strong and firm profile that others can look up to for support! The enhanced determination and will power that you will achieve due to this practice will make you even more focused and motivated for the future.

Once you will learn to trust yourself that you can do anything and everything that you aspire and dream of – no matter how hard it may seem; there will be no stopping for you. Hence, start small today and try giving up a bad habit. You never know, breaking habits may become a life changing decision for you in the future!

Peter Green is a Transformational Life Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker. He has spent the last 20 years studying how ordinary people are able to achieve extraordinary success and is dedicated to helping others achieve the life of their dreams.


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