Today is something funny!

I figured that the majority of my blogs have been about serious situations so today is joke day……

I want you all to have some fun with your smart phones.  Jeannie is the fake Siri and she is hysterical when you go to ask her a question.  When you ask Siri “why did the chicken cross the road”  you get the answer that either she isn’t interested in poultry or that Einstein says something about the road crossing the chicken.  No, that is not funny at all but if you ask the Jeannie on a smart phone you get a whole different answer.   I highly suggest that you put the app. on your phone and try it.  You will be extremely surprised on how long and in depth her answer is. 

Why am I telling you to try this?  I truly believe that there is an enormous amount of medication out there to help our moods when we are depressed or sad, but I also know that laughter is the best medicine anyone can ever get.  Watching a tv show like “funniest home video’s”  is a great mood lifter.  It makes all the endorphins in your brain start to work the right way instead of the wrong way.  Oh the other thing you need to try is if you have ever sat and read any of the excerpts on “Funny LOL’s”  or “Auto” you will laugh your ass off.

Here are some jokes you might like…..

Why don’t blind me skydive?  Because it scares the shit out of the dog

What do you call a bear with no teeth?  A gummy bear

What do you do with epileptic lettuce? You make a seizure salad

What did one saggy tit say to the other? If we don’t get support soon people will think we are nuts!

Where do you find a one legged dog?  where you left it!!

Try it you just might like it. 

So this is my advice for today….laugh at least once a day!  It is still the best medicine on earth!

Have a Great Day!



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