People need People

Since I started blogging I have really been touched by some of the stories that people have shared with me.  I have come to the realization that people really do need other people to lean on.  Yes, we all love to hear about the people who make it big on American Idol or The Voice, but what about the little people out there.  The ones who struggle on a daily basis just to make ends meat?  There are so many wealthy people in this country and yet I find that many more work themselves to death just to make their bills every month and put food on the table.  I know that myself being a single parent and making sure that my children have health insurance and have food to eat is a very difficult task.  I am on the go most of the day trying to make sure that others needs are met and put my on the back burner only to find that if I don’t remember myself once in a while….I end up crying myself to sleep and affecting those around me with sorrow.  I would really like to know what half of those wealthy people do, that own big huge houses and really nice cars.  You see them everywhere but how do they do it?  When I got out of high school, I was the first to graduate in my family.  The education thing wasn’t that important.  It was more important to get some kind of job and try to make it on your own.  Which is what I attempted to do.  I became a secretary and worked threw multiple agencies who did the hiring.  I worked up until my first child was born and then made it a point to be a stay home mom.  I didn’t really know anything different since that is what my mother did with me and my siblings.  I am proud of what I have accomplished with my children but that sure does not pay the bills.  In this country its either do or die.  All I can say to the men and woman out there that work their butts off only to scrimp and save – Good For You!  You should feel good about what you do!  There really should be more networking out there for others to lean on.  Lending a helping hand when needed instead of hording what you have and becoming greed and stingy.  In the past I have never really had a whole lot of money and I am not quite sure of what my future holds but I do know this, that I am truly thankful for the things I do have and am here to help others find their way.  With whatever it might be.  So my message today is that the work that I am doing on this site is for all of you out there who need someone….to help get threw the rough times and to know that YOU really aren’t alone!  Whatever information I can dig up for someone in need is my goal.

I hope you all hang in there and keep in touch!




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