I would really like to know how many of you out there are collecting social security and trying to raise children.  I am a single mother and let me tell you in society today the things that children expect to have in there possession is absolutely crazy.  I have a teenager and a younger child that both may have different wants but they are still unbelievable.  Both wants are so expensive that I am amazed as to how many kids out there have some of these things.   I have never seen an iphone for free but let me tell you, I have seen more kids than I care to count that have them.   I hear on the news that so many people have lost their jobs and there is no money out there and yet the gaming systems and ipods and abercrombie cloths are all over the place.

So my big question is one, do they really need things like this and two, how the heck do people afford to  get them.  I know that my fifteen year old is as interested in working as he is as vacuuming my home.  He asks for it all and yet he isn’t even close to wanting to work for it.  Is that where this up and coming group of adolescents is headed?  The next generation of children are in for a huge surprise when it comes to moving out on their own.  Believe me I know because I also have a child who is just about  twenty four  old and she is the farthest thing from surviving on her own.  It scares me to think of what is going to happen when my youngest starts to get into the realm of asking me for all these wonderful things and I can’t afford to give them to her.

It breaks my heart that I cannot and will not be able to keep up with the Joneses, just because of the fact that I have a disability and that I am a single parent.  My youngest child has so many wonderful skills and talents and will not have the ability to expand on them because of the cost.  I could only wish that there were more programs out there for parents like myself who struggle on a day to day basis just feeding my children, let alone getting all the things that other kids have.

So this blog is really for you people out there to give me  advice this time.  I have a website where you can write to me and give me your feed back and trust me I will appreciate it more than you will ever know.  As some of you read on my Facebook, I just had another birthday and stated in one of my blogs that my car didn’t pass inspection and now I am stuck without a car.  How do you live without a car raising two children and there isn’t any family around to help give you rides?   Times are tough yes, but they are so much more tough that people like me  just can’t survive in society today.

I hope to hear from you and we can chat – I would appreciate any ideas one might have or even some constructive criticism.    My website  is

Please write me




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