It is now official….Nonaknowsbest is a business!!!!!

Today it is official….Nonaknowsbest is finally a business and I am so excited.  I wrote a blog yesterday concerning a site that I had found not only for my own child but for other parents and children who may have the same phobia.  The fear of vomiting can not only be depressing but also extremely debilitating. 

While I, myself was doing my best to cope with this fear…..I was not only depressed because I couldn’t stop my thinking patterns but I also became agoraphobic.  That is really another subject altogether but I will say this much, that agoraphobia means that you are afraid of leaving your home.  You can’t go anywhere because you start to totally fear life outside your comfort zone.  You may or may not have panic attacks which can make things worse.  It is a total chase the tail issue that is usually hard if not impossible to stop on your own.  Believe me, I know this from first hand experience. 

If you or anyone you know has had something like this happen to them please leave a comment or an email so that we can talk about this.  I have been to many many therapist and realize that sometimes they don’t understand  what it feels like to try and cope  because they haven’t lived it.  I know how lonely and desperate someone may feel and I really want to help in anyway that I can.





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