On a brighter side

Today was one crazy day, spending over 4 hours at lollipop farm, waiting to adopt a kitten or two.  My kids were so excited.  We ended up walking out with two kittens.  One is a total nut case, bouncing off the walls and the other is very passive and likes to lay on your lap. 

I can’t believe I just took on more children….because that what kittens are……children lol
But it is very understandable that I would want to see the kids smile from ear to ear with their own pets.

Other than that, I have just been spending most of my time trying to get back on track from being away on vacation for three weeks.  WOW I never realized what you are in for once you take a trip like that.  Tons of mail and appts to make.  Getting ready for the kids to go back to school and even having a birthday inbetween all that that I would much rather skip over all together.  Once I get back on track I will blogg some more on the subject I have chosen to write about.  Til then goodnight!


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