While I was in junior high I saw some crazy funny things that will be etched in my mind forever.  I recall a teacher by the name of Mr. Good.  He was our math teacher who had flaming red hair and acted very feminine.  He loved to hold his hand in the back of his pants, while wiggling his fingers around.  It was really disgusting.  One day he got very angry at one of my class mates who loved to chew on paper.  Mr. Good was so upset that he called him up the the head of the class, pulled out a legal size piece of yellow paper and told him to put the entire page into his mouth, chew and swallow it.  He said don’t take it out…make sure you eat the entire thing.  YUCK!

I don’t know what it is about math teachers but the other teacher I remember was Mr. Gilbert.  He loved to throw erasers at the back of our heads when we weren’t paying attention.  He was also a chalk thrower too.  I was extremely thankful that I didn’t get the other math teacher.  He was sooooo mean and his temper was worse than the other two.  He went right for the juggler and would break yard sticks on kids when they were out of line.  There were no rules that said they couldn’t touch kids.  These teachers and many other loved being able to reprimand kids that would get out of line.  My English teacher would get so mad at the class his face would turn 3 shades of red and start screaming at us.  OMG  It was so scarey.

I feel bad that teachers now a days are not allowed to touch a child let alone scream at them.  Many of the children in school now are so disrespectful that they really need that kind of treatment…..well maybe not to that extreme but as a parent I think they SHOULD be able to reprimand them in one way or another because parents are just too busy to deal with their children anymore.  A family with two working parents, who have kids in all kinds of activities etc. just don’t have the time nor make the effort to put them in their place.  It’s just too bad!!!

OKAY yes i got off the subject of what was really on my mind and that was being picked on everyday.  I never wanted to go to my locker or eat lunch because kids would call me names and make me feel so bad.  One day a whole bunch of girls decided to corner me in the bathroom and start screaming at me about spreading rumors about a girl who supposedly at the time had had an abortion.  Never ever would I have considered talking about anyone let alone one of the popular girls but needless to say they took it upon themselves to accuse me of saying something.  After they were all done getting in my face one of them…(I won’t use names) slapped me across the face and walked out.  It was so hurtful and humiliating to have that happen.  I was called to the office to explain what had happened and then my parents were called in too.  Even after all of that they continued to cause me pain with name calling etc.  I guess I was just one easy target.


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