In the beginning…..continued

As I reflect back, sixth, seventh, and eigth grades were extremely hard to get through.  My one and only friend was a girl by the name of cheryl.  She was a very smart, intelligent girl who never ever studied for one exam.  Me on the other hand, struggled with every subject.  To be quite honest, I don’t even remember how we met but we hit it off and that was my buddy for those three years I spent in junior high.
Nobody really disliked her… was only me they didn’t like, and I felt sorry for her because when we would sit in the lunch room together, we both got hit in the head with nickles.  Yes, things were a lot different back when I was in school.  Now there is a NO Tolerance Policy…..which means you get suspended at the first sign of picking on someone else.  I remember always watching the other classmates laughing together, planning on partying after a basketball game or ski club and wishing to God that I had been born to be someone else.  I hated myself and I didn’t even know why.  All I knew is that I didn’t fit in and I felt totally alone.


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