Emetomaphobia……A lonely fear

This blog today is dedicated to the far and few between who have the fear of vomiting.  It is one fear that is not well known to most but it is debilitating to the few who live with it.  Well maybe I should rephrase that….they don’t want to live because it is so scarey.  To most it would be a natural occurance to relieve the body of something that wants to be discarded but the very few out there that have this phobia it is like a death sentence.

I am one of those few that dealt with this fear from the time I was a young girl and now that I am a grown woman I have two children out of three that also have it.  It creates anxiety and keeps you from being able to perform normal tasks and day to day living.  My fifteen year old son has been trying to cope with it since he was around eight .  His father and I have put him in countless sessions with therapists only to get absolutely no where.  He has been put on a medicine called Remeron  (along with a few others) and to some they say that it has helped them but for my son it did not.  I am drained with frustration each and every day trying to convince him that the “what if” thinking theory is just that…..something that you cannot control.  If our bodies need to reject something it will just go ahead and do so.  What is so very difficult for me to handle is the fact that I know how he feels, and I can do nothing more than try and re-enforce the fact that he will be okay and that this to shall pass.  Nights are the worst!  But of course, if you think about it, nights are when we usually have woken up in the middle of the night and vomited.  At the time that I was struggling to get threw this, I also found myself to become Agoraphobic.  I was unable to leave my home for fear that I was going to have a panic attack and not be in my safe place to stop it.  I wasn’t receptive to taking medication due to knowing that most of them could cause vomiting.  It wasn’t until I relied on my knowledge of reading material and learning relaxation techniques that I gave in and started taking an anti-depressant.

I can say that I have overcome this intense fear but my children have not.  If ANYONE out there has dealt with this in any capacity please feel free to write me.

I am very curious to know how many others have dealt or are still dealing with this phobia.

take care for now = jj


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